School & Childcare Cleaning Services in Brisbane

School and Childcare centres are places of learning, creativity & Joy. We all know that kids are really messy therefore the places where they stay are the toughest place to clean. we understand the responsibility of the care center as they have to keep the place safe and friendly to kids, Teachers and families. Cleaning of Childcare centers are one of the main works that we focus on and yes our rates are always feasible and affordable. Therefore if you need us then just dial us at 1300 034 095.

If your childcare center requires daily janitorial services like mopping, vacuuming, steam cleaning or sweeping, or periodic spring-cleaning such as window cleaning during the school holidays, let us prove to you that we’re the right choice for your work.

The Cleaning Difference with Multiple Cleaning

With leading industry certifications, our ability to clean effectively and efficiently is without question. The reason we go above and beyond, creating innovative systems and challenging traditional methods of cleaning – is because we believe it’s important to look after people. Unlike any other cleaning company, we’ll partner with you to formulate a customized cleaning solution that responds directly and fully to your unique needs, ensuring the utmost in cleanliness, safety and hygiene for your staff, residents, and visitors which are delivered with sensitivity, care and compassion.

Our team of office cleaning specialists can also clean staff and teacher offices, ensuring the entire premises is clean and taken care of.